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Marque of distinction

After a hiatus in production of nearly 60 years, the release of a new Morgan three-wheeler at Geneva has sent motoring enthusiasts into a frenzy of excitement.

The new Morgan 3 WheelerThe marque has promised the Morgan 3 Wheeler will put the fun and passion back into motoring – and, in comparing the new model to a fighter plane and speeding bullet, has set expectations sky-high.

Watch a video trailer below...

 Petrolheads are unlikely to be disappointed. The Morgan 3 Wheeler retains the bullet shape of the original as well as the exposed chassis and beetle back. Morgan has fashioned the model on an aeroplane, while taking into consideration the desire for room to accommodate a passenger and luggage in the rear. The sensation of flying a fighter jet is further emphasised by a ‘bomb-release starter button’ and a leather-padded cockpit with aircraft instrumentation.


Morgan 3 Wheeler can reach speeds of 115mphMorgan whizz-kid chief designer Matthew Humphries, who is just 27 years old, says: ‘This is a completely new vehicle for the 21st century. But it harks back to the vintage three-wheeler that started this company. It takes its cues from classic aeroplanes. But it has modern aeronautical touches, too. The start button is actually the bomb-release button on the new Eurofighter. We tracked down the company that makes them and bought a batch to put on to the dashboard.’

 Humphries has coupled the iconic design with a fully exposed S&S 1.9-litre V twin fuel-injected engine and a Mazda five-speed gearbox. The Morgan 3 Wheeler has a top speed of 115mph and races from 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds. The model costs from £25,000 before tax, but there is potential to spend a lot more on bespoke touches such as a polished engine, stainless-steel tailpipes or your own choice of leather and paint.