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Vorsprung duck technik? 

According to the advertising campaign for the new Audi A5, the model has risen from the ‘ugly duckling’ looks of its Twenties concept car to become a beautiful A5 swan. However unfair it might seem to malign the Paul Jaray streamlined original, the model it transforms into is a definite beauty with the same avant-garde understanding of aerodynamics.

2012 Audi A5The 2012 A5 range combines sleek good looks with incredible fuel efficiency and supreme driver comfort. Available in coupé, sportback, cabriolet and as the performance-enhanced RS 5 coupé, all of the updated models feature a number of subtle but distinctive design tweaks including new wedge-shaped headlights, modified tail lights, a refreshed interior colour palette and new materials.

Audi claims fuel savings of up to 18 per cent on previous models – yet the 2012 A5 packs a powerful punch, whatever highly efficient engine is under the bonnet. The entry-level 1.8l TFSI turbo-charged, direct-injection four-cylinder engine produces 170bhp, while the most powerful 3.0l TDI diesel engine is a supercharged V6 that musters 272bhp. The 2012 A5 also boasts improved suspension with revised shock-absorber tuning for a more comfortable drive. 

Comfort really is at the centre of the 2012 A5, with better power steering, intuitive controls and optional sports or luxurious climate-control seats and an upgraded, impressive infotainment system. Truly leaving any traces of its ‘ugly duckling’ past behind, the 2012 A5 is more eagle than swan – a true leader in its class.