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The last detail


The suit is sharp, the shirt crisp and the leather on the shoes burnished. Now it’s down to the final touches, particularly the slickest of watches

Ballon Bleu PG watch, £14,500, Cartier; Navy two-button suit, £2,190, Ermenegildo Zegna. Shirt, £75, and green and blue striped tie, £59, both Thomas Pink

Portofino hand-wound eight- days watch, £13,500, IWC; Two-button suit, £970, Canali. Shirt, £110, Hackett. Shoes, £890, Angelo GalassoCarrera Calibre 16 Heritage Automatic Chronograph 41mm steel and gold watch, £3,450, TAG Heuer; Coat, £649, Emporio Armani. Shirt, £195, Ralph Lauren. Cufflinks, £109, Brooks BrothersTourbillon pocket watch RM 020 with titanium chain, £328,000, Richard Mille; Black tourmaline two-button suit, £1,935, Bottega Veneta. Charcoal grey waistcoat, £249, Emporio Armani. White and green shirt, £75, Thomas PinkCaptain Winsor watch, £6,300, Zenith; Jacket, £1,075, Alexander McQueen. Shirt, £95, Paul Smith. Cufflinks, £650, Angelo Galasso. Trousers, £305, Ralph Lauren. Briefcase, £740, Bally

Millenary self-winding watch in white gold case, £23,680, Audemars Piguet; Double-breasted suit, £895, DAKS. Jumper, £540, Alexander McQueen. Constellation T touchscreen phone, £4,300, VertuVintage BR 123 Original watch in satin steel with black dial, £1,600, Bell & Ross; Black two-button suit, £1,120, Alexander McQueen. Red jumper, £165, Pal Zileri. White shirt, £275, Burberry. Suit-stripe cufflinks, £95, Paul SmithSTYLIST'S ASSISTANT FAY LAMCHAIPRASERT