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Heart of Asia

Island Shang-ri La Hotel, Hong KongPrivacy, glamour and the sense of space are what everyone in crowded Hong Kong craves. From the
56th floor of the Island Shangri-La Hotel you can breakfast or enjoy sundowners while gazing at Victoria Harbour. This is a true Grand Hotel in the old European style, reimagined for the Chinese century, with a standard of service to match its ambitions. Wonder at the world’s largest silk painting, over 16 stories, depicting ‘The Great Motherland of China’, and relax in the luxurious rooms. The Shangri-La is situated in a surprisingly quiet, leafy part of the Central district. Lying beside the large pool you can admire the iconic I M Pei-designed Bank of China Tower. Beneath is Pacific Place, four stories of shops, restaurants and entertainment. The hotel boasts several acclaimed restaurants, including the Michelin-starred  Restaurant Petrus; fortunately there is also a 24-hour, fully equipped health club.