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Flying solo

Bremont, the small but mighty British watch brand established in 2002 by two enthusiastic brothers, has quickly made its mark with stylish and masculine aviation timepieces.

Bremont BC-Solo, £2,550,

Latest from the brand’s founders, Nick and Giles English, is the BC-Solo, a watch that caused a stir at its launch during the Basel World watch fair, for its combination of precision, good looks and remarkable value at just £2,550. The brand’s founders, Nick and Giles English, make watches ‘conceived by pilots for pilots’ and use their love of historic aircraft and all things mechanical to inspire the designs of their sturdy, functional and immensely precise wristwatches.

The Solo has been designed to inspire the wearer to feel the exhilaration of the plane’s wheels leaving the ground on a pilot’s first solo flight. Designed for clarity and legibility, the BC-Solo looks like a classic pilot’s watch and comes in two dial variants, both black with white or cream numerals.

The watch is housed in the classic Bremont 43mm three-piece case made from hardened steel that is more than six times more resistant than normal watch grade steel. The watch is water resistant to 100m and the domed sapphire crystal has nine layers of hardened reflective coating to each side. The Solo has an exhibition case back and a chronometer grade modified Swiss movement.

The BC-Solo is available from July,